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Amy Kuney. Or as Annie Hardy calls her, Ray Charles.

However you call her, singer-songwriter Amy Kuney is uber talented, and you will being hearing much more about her. She just released a new song –  Gasoline Rainbows – as part of a very impressive compilation album for Global Green … Continue reading

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Diplomatic tensions! No, not the Korea’s (ugh) – WAY MORE IMPORTANT!

Clogs and a voluminous hairdo have never been enough for North Korean “leader” Kim Jong-Il (“K-Jil” as we like to say because it sounds less murderous): he continues to psychologically act out against his height by taunting South Korea. What … Continue reading

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This reaction works for the tablescapes too, Sandra.

Food Network superstar Sandra Lee (who gives off a Cindy McCain vibe, no?) mixes the most disgusting delicious cocktails! Watching her taste one of those tasteful creations in slow motion reveals just how disgusting delicious they are. Governor-in-Waiting (er, not … Continue reading

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We all fall. It’s more sad / funny when it happens in front of others.

Thank you to The Hairpin for an incredible piece called “The Best Time I Fell Down at a Party” – we will share one of the stories we found hidden (like TREASURE!) in the comments section with you here, courtesy … Continue reading

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FOUND: the woman who ate the $140,000 mushroom!

A few weeks ago, we covered the sale of a 900 gram mushroom for $140K – at the time, we innocently assumed it was merely a coveted white truffle mushroom, lacking in any hilucinatory properties. But thanks to Edith Zimmerman … Continue reading

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Steve Martin won a Grammy for his banjo album. We don’t jest.

File this under what-the-what because we didn’t even know that Steve Martin played the banjo, much less that his album The Crow: New Songs for the 5-String Banjo won the 2010 Grammy Award for Best Bluegrass Album! We had a … Continue reading

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Enrique Iglesias – is this how you got Anna Kournikova? Bestill our hearts.

We just heard Enrique’s new song, and well… Here’s the situation Been to every nation Nobody’s ever made me feel the way that you do You know my motivation Given my reputation Please excuse I don’t mean to be rude … Continue reading

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