The saddest story ever told.

Nope, she's not online dating.

We are pretty sure it’s coverage like this that keep online dating from really shaking the stigma.

Posted by Tools_guy (yep) – who lists these pastimes on his blogger profile: “good wine and conversation, walking while holding hands, applying band-aids, reading bed time stories, and running” – the following are excerpts from Rules for Online Dating – Part 2 (because obvi there was a Part 1 to the rules):

  • You see a girl’s profile where she says she has a ton of friends and she’s beautiful and outgoing.  Should you contact her?  Were you popular back in the day?  Do you have a ton of friends?  NO?  Then don’t contact her.
  • Go after someone you have a lot in common with.  For me that would be a divorce[d] woman with kids who has a college degree.  I always had the best luck with those women.
  • You see a girl’s profile where she says she runs a marathon a month. Should you contact her?  Are you an athlete?  Do you run?  NO?  Then don’t contact her. I have never been accused of being coordinated.  I am not an athlete and I don’t match her lifestyle.

To be fair, Tools_guy has some pretty poignant advice regarding Rule #1 – “A picture is worth 1,000 words”:

  • Dress up like you are going out on a date.
  • Get someone to take the pictures of you.  Don’t do it in front of the bathroom mirror.
  • Don’t be flexing your muscles.  Don’t show your car.  Don’t point to your boat.
  • Just one picture of your dog – this is about you.

Can’t argue with you there Tools_guy.

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