So lovely, I just might (read: most def will) bring champagne to the movie.

A delicate French animated film that follows a old last-of-his-kind magician who leaves France and heads to Scotland, where he meets a young girl that still sees the magic in him. Love.

Now that’s what I The New York Times A.O. Scott calls cinema. There is apparently no release date set for the U.S. yet, so I will have to keep the champagne in the fridge for now. Well, no. But, metaphorically.

The Illusionist was written and directed by Oscar nominated French filmmaker Sylvain Chomet of the 2003 animated film The Triplets of Belleville (who knew a film that is both silent and animated could be good!) and a segment in Paris Je T’aime (too bad the New York City version of this fun film was desperately bad).

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