Like how those cute kids in The Little Giants used alka seltzer to sike out their opponents. But much scarier.

During today’s NFL Jets vs. Lions game, we learned something new in the field of intimidation techniques.

Kyle Vanden Bosch, currently playing for the winning Tennessee Titans you-can-do-it Detroit Lyons, wears contact lenses. You know, his eyesight is imperfect. But does he hide behind the wall of shame that comes with not-20/20 vision? No sir! Sure, those cool thick black frames that everyone wears now don’t fit under a football helmet. But Kyle was undeterred.

Tyra foams at the mouth. Euw.

Yikes, Trya. We were already afraid of you.

In choosing his means of vision correction, he must have gotten inspired by 1994 movie classic The Little Giants in which a pee-wee football team of underdogs ingeniously chews on alka seltzer tablets to create some intimidating game time mouth foam.

Kyle’s vision correction slash weapon of choice for game day intimidation: dark red Volutri-esque contact lenses.

Aren't you intimidated by my red eyes?

No, I'm not an albino. Or a Volturi.

We hope that works for you Kyle! Because we are kind of routing for Detroit (we can totes see you become this seasons’ New Orleans Saints!) and young hottie talented QB Matt Stafford. Besides, at least you aren’t doing something totally insane like wearing the certainly-going-to-blind-you Lady Gaga inspired “big eye” contacts that you can only get imported from Asia.

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