Even fancy sausage. Pretty gross.

To us, sausage is the equivalent of that odd fourth category of matter: plasma. It exists, but WTF is it really. We aren’t vegetarian or Muslim (awkward laugh) or anything, but we are indeed meat skeptical. And, a product that is defined as ground meat shoved into some sort of casing that is traditionally made from intestine… well, that just isn’t right. Why not feed a pig its own leg, kill it, and eat its intestine. Yep. Cause that is what sausage is. Our initial thoughts on sausage have been confirmed by a recent New York Times article featuring fancy sausage maker Esposito’s – because, as per the photo below, even when sausage is made in the best, fanciest way, it is still pretty gross.

Is your sausage hot, or are you just happy to see me?

(Please note: Esposito’s does make and sell many other delicious non-sausage things.)

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