We all fall. It’s more sad / funny when it happens in front of others.

Kind of asking for it with those shoes.

Even Lady Gaga falls!

Thank you to The Hairpin for an incredible piece called “The Best Time I Fell Down at a Party” – we will share one of the stories we found hidden (like TREASURE!) in the comments section with you here, courtesy of Bonnie:

I’m sure-ish that my sister wouldn’t mind me telling you hers: She had prepared herself meticulously to attend a friend’s wedding where she’d have to see her terrible ex. As she walked down several carpeted stairs in to the bar area, wearing a strapless fuchsia dress and big hair flower, she locked eyes with the ex, tripped and fell down the stairs. I mean, of course. But she “popped back up like a weasel,” grinning and shaking off inquiries from the bartender, her ex, and others as to whether she was all right. Then she pranced right over to the dance floor to prove she was fine! Really! Sadly, The Macarena was playing, so she bucked up and joined in, line dancing. Only after she the song ended did she notice the blood running down from both knees through torn stockings.

Bloody-kneed Macarena line dancing! We don’t want to get you too excited Bonnie’s sister, but that actually sounds like something Lady Gaga would do on purpose. So, in a way, you were kind of ahead of your time! To see the rest of these charming falling-at-parties anecdotes, visit the full article on The Hairpin’s site! We are way more than “sure-ish” you will LOVE.

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