One of our most favorite things!

We all know that Oprah has her crazy favorite things episode. Well, we have been inspired to share with you one of our favorite things: Zach Galifianakis’ biography as penned on his website.

And also, I like long walks on the beach.

I am from the foothills of North Carolina. I now live in the mountains of that state. And also live in Brooklyn. I come from a strong family. I enjoy tractors and red wine. I feel that living your life in contradiction keeps one confused and happy. I dislike those that litter. Sometimes I like to go to the zoo and ride on the backs of bison. I dream of Iceland from time to time. It makes me laugh when people miscommunicate. I like walking over bridges and hate Donald Trump or anything like him. The entertainment business is both poison and honey. I drive a Subaru. It is an automatic. I cry sometimes in that car. I perform my routines around America.

Thanks so very much for your time,

Zachary Knight Galifianakis

Can you feel us nipping at your heels Oprah!? …no? Okay.

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