Andy Cohen: gratuitious, but in the most wonderful and kind way.

From his bloopered introduction – “I’m in the NOOK!” (hand smacks picture) – Andy Cohen endeared himself to us in his Closet Confession. And please do not get clever on this term: it is the title used for’s video marketing series. Other gems followed…

  • My cloooset oooorginizaaaaation is a’little muurky.
  • The top two pairs of jeans are the only pairs that are in my current rotation.
  • (wide boyish smile) The Andrew shirt is moving in – BACK in to rotation.
  • I love a zip-up. (pause, hand motion) Situation.
  • It looks so gorgeous right here, but ON the body, yellow… doesn’t look so great.
  • (holding lovely periwinkle blue shirt) I mean wh- this is so tasty.
  • (holding what looks like a borderline gag gift winter sweater) This has some sentimental (sniffs shirt – twice) value for me? (ends with cadence of a question)
  • There’s something international about this sweater. (earnest face)
  • Why. Do I Keep. All these T-Shirts. (genuine concern)

Check out that Madonna poster on the inside door of the closet. We wouldn’t have it any other way either, Andy.

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