Zach Galifianakis did Megan Fox…

"When I think about you, I touch myself."

…for Interview Magazine. And, oh is it good! Below are some of our favorite bits:

There is chemistry from the get-go…

GALIFIANAKIS: This is Zach . . . um, Galifianakis.
FOX: How are you?
GALIFIANAKIS: I’m splendid. How are you?
FOX: I’m great.
GALIFIANAKIS: So before we begin, I wanted to thank you for allowing me to interview you.
FOX: I mean, it’s probably going to be awkward.
GALIFIANAKIS: Well, no. It definitely will be. My forte is awkwardness. But I don’t want it to be purposely awkward. Let’s make it organically awkward. You know, because we’ve never met before. So maybe we’ll—I’m already talking too much. . . . Maybe it will be nice and smooth.

We would have recognized you Zachry

GALIFIANAKIS: I’m at a sidewalk café in New York. I’m trying to get recognized.
FOX: I find that it’s easier to disguise yourself when you go to Florida or places like that, because no one is expecting to see a celebrity there. When you throw on a hat and glasses, no one really looks at you twice—because why would you be in Florida? People just assume that if you’re famous, you’re in Hollywood. But in places like New York and L.A., they know that you live there and that you’re trying to disguise yourself, so people are always looking. It’s almost better to not wear a hat and glasses. I’ve actually stopped tinting my windows because the paparazzi look for trucks and cars with supertinted windows. In New York, especially, so much of your life is spent on the streets. You don’t always want to be driving around in an SUV with a security guard. You want to be able to walk to a restaurant; you want to go and do things.
GALIFIANAKIS: I’ve been here for four hours. No one has recognized me, which is a real bummer.
FOX: [laughs] Yeah.

Zach builds momentum, bedazzling us with his ability to transition subjects so smoothly awkwardly…

GALIFIANAKIS: So what’s your favorite color?
FOX: Green. What’s yours?
GALIFIANAKIS: Specifically, it’s olive green.
FOX: That’s really specific.
GALIFIANAKIS: Well, this isn’t how I chose my favorite color, but I read somewhere that smart people tend toward green. So that’s good for both of us. Do you color anything green because you like it? Are your walls painted green? Is your car green? And I don’t mean “eco” green—the color green.
FOX: No. I don’t have any green walls or cars or furniture at the moment. But if I’m going to draw a picture, I will usually go for the green crayon or colored pencil or marker.
GALIFIANAKIS: I have a green 1998 Subaru.
FOX: My dad drives a Subaru. I think it might be a Forester.
GALIFIANAKIS: The Forester is a very good car. It gets good gas mileage. Good for your dad. Now we’re getting somewhere. Just out of curiosity, what kind of toothpaste do you use?

Part of why we love this last excerpt is the mention of Zach’s Subaru, as it reminds us of one of our most favorite things of all time. Sigh. Zach, you can do us with your personality anytime you want!

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