Jay-Z discusses Tupac on Charlie Rose!

"I ain't pass the bar but I know a little bit."

This. Is. Our. DREAM. You can watch the entire interview here, but let us share with you a wonderful moment that occurred during a discussion of Tupac:

CHARLIE ROSE:  Tell me about Tupac. (says this like “pack” a suitcase)


JAY-Z:  Can I explain something here tonight?


That I hope — I hope — I hope y’all clap because I’m about to say exactly

what y’all think — white people always —


CHARLIE ROSE:  Be careful, be careful.

JAY-Z:  I can say this because I’m so not a racist.  White people call Tupac (emphasizing second syllable with correct pronunciation)…

CHARLIE ROSE:  I’m sorry.

JAY-Z:  …Tupack. (says like Charlie asked)


If it was “Tupack,” it would have a “k.”


You’re not the first.  Hopefully, after tonight, you will be the last.


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