A doll that gives birth. So. Not. Okay.

Why is it that this feels WAY more inappropriate than the real thing!?

We regret it, but we just couldn’t pass up a catchy New York Times parenting blog entitled “A doll that gives birth”. Say what!?

A charming horrifying company called MamAmor that plays charming creepy Spanish music when you first visit the site, makes “handcrafted birthing and breastfeeding dolls”.

We know what you’re thinking: but is there a Facebook page for me to join?! OMG there is! We particularly enjoyed this wall comment:

Lol, this may seem like a goofy question but is it possible to get a mama made with a little more bust? I’m an EE on a regular basis and an H when nursing – genetics suggest that my daughter will reach at least D cup so I’d like her to learn early that there is nothing wrong with having large breasts and I’ve never seen a doll with more than an A cup. As a child this made me feel very self conscious as I developed VERY early. Lol, just curious!

OMG, we are nervous lol-ing too!!!

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