Fennec foxes: rich people have the worst pet ideas.

Come closer my precious...

And you thought cats were creepy. If Lord of the Rings character Gollum were a pet, it would be a fennec fox… why is it that people try to domesticate exotic animals?! Oh funny people with too much money too much crazy – you make us smile.

If the $20,000 price tag that horrifying video hasn’t deterred you from getting this exotic pet, please see below for some incredibly disquieting tid-bits:

  • Fennec foxes, a small species of fox native to Northern Africa, are known for their large ears. Whether you can legally own a pet fennec fox will depend upon the laws in your area and the restrictions placed by local animal control authorities.
  • While fennec foxes will eat most types of dog foods, their diets will need to be supplemented with insects, such as mealworms and crickets.
  • Fennec foxes are nocturnal, which means they can keep you up at night. In addition, fennec foxes enjoy hoarding food throughout the house, digging into sofa cushions in an attempt to make a nest or den and leaping high onto counters, shelves and cabinets.
  • Fennec foxes can easily escape from most collars and leashes. Once a fennec fox escapes into the wild, chances are that you will never see it again.

Suddenly, we are having eerie deja vu with the time that dragon (apparently they do exist!) attacked Sharon Stone’s husband.

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