Who knew the inherently GLAMOROUS vest could be so FUNCTIONAL!?

SCOTTEVEST did because they have created a vest to top all vests: one with all of that sexy glamor of a sleeveless jacket and all of the storage of a Container Store! But how did they come up with such an ingenious idea?! Founder Scott Jordan (get it: Scott E-Vest) explains:

I needed a way to carry and organize all my gadgets and gear without a “man-purse.”

Yep, this is totes better than that grossly gender-ambiguous man-purse! The website elaborates on the SCOTTEVEST’s awesomeness:

Travelers can save money on baggage fees and the new carry-on fees: despite the ability to carry as many items in a SCOTTEVEST Travel Vest as in a typical carry-on, SeV clothing does not count as an extra bag.

Airport security checkpoint aggravation disappears when you only need to pass one item through the x-ray.

SCOTTEVEST stops pickpockets and purse-snatchers with secure, zippered interior pockets.

“Having all your stuff on you is paradigm shifting,” says SCOTTEVEST’s namesake Scott Jordan. “[K]nowing you’re prepared, and have whatever you need, whenever you need it, can change your life.”

“Change your life” – really? Now you’re exaggerating Scott. But we love that SCOTTEVEST enables us to hoard our crap around with us, from “the grocery store to China”! CHINA! Let’s let Scott explain:

Since SeV was formed in 2000, I have struggled to come up with a slogan that captured the essence of SCOTTEVEST, and suddenly it was staring me in the face: For the Trip of Your Life! After all, life is a journey and you should be able to take your stuff with you, whether you’re going to China or the grocery store. You can carry the world in your pockets.

And OOOMMMGGG The Woz uses it, so it is reeeally highfalutin!

I didn't invent the iPad, but I love keeping it "close to the vest" as a good conversation starter about how I co-founded Apple.

This is such a great practical gift idea! First, we are going to buy this vest for all of our friends enemies. Then, we are going to buy one several, in many glamorous colors neutral tones, for ourselves! And, we are never taking it off. Well, just to pass through airport security. But it will be so easy!

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One Response to Who knew the inherently GLAMOROUS vest could be so FUNCTIONAL!?

  1. Pagina says:

    Too bad one of those neutral colors isn’t sweater.

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