Tough week for single women. So, like, the norm.

In addition to finding out that they are single because they are hexed, single ladies who haven’t found their fabulous yet in that Beyoncé-song-way now need to worry about “sexual predators and convicted felons” who take advantage of the facility of online dating websites to target would-be victims.

Single Ladies (put a Restraining Order on it)

But don’t let that keep you from literally “putting yourself out there”!

A flurry of mobile phone apps has cropped up in an effort to make background checks quick and easy: one such application encourages users to “look up before you hook up.” It promises to perform a background check “in the time it takes to redo your lip gloss.”

So. Yeah. If you weren’t already a little bit depressed about online dating, the marketing around applications you are going to have to use to screen for predators is a surefire buzzkill.

The full New York Times article further dampens the mood:

Assemblywoman Audrey I. Pheffer, a sponsor of the Internet law, said that it grew out of her realization that online dating had become ubiquitous, even among people she “never dreamed” would pursue romance online.

So, even in attempting to empower single women, Assemblywoman Pheffer manages to put them down. Because you know, even people you “never dreamed” were losers are totally losers.

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