Someone thought it was a good idea to make perfume from Shaq’s sweat…

eau de toilette

…they were going to call it “Elliuqahs” (Shaquille spelled backwards). Luckily, Shaq rejected this proposal because he is clearly no fool –  how else would he make enough money to not care at all about his recent $35K fine!? Published on March 2, 2007, the Financial TimesDinner with FT: Shaquille O’Neal, contains lots of wise nuggets from the then 34-year-old:

On the lasting value of investing in real estate…

“The property business is where it’s at because you can’t make no more earth,” he says.

On investing…

One of the first things he did when he entered the league after clearing up his parents’ debt was to buy government bonds. Then he bought annuities for himself and his siblings. “I said to myself: ‘In case I do get crazy and get out of control [with my spending], let me get this insurance with these annuities and then, when I turn 40, I can still get a check,’” he says.

On bad business ideas…

He has also turned down countless business proposals. One of the more dubious was a scheme in which O’Neal would run on a treadmill and then allow his sweat to be bottled and turned into a perfume. The name of the scent was to be “Elliuqahs” – Shaquille spelled backwards. “If they were going to put up the money, then maybe,” he jokes.

On why we should not hire family after we “make it” food…

The waitress reappears with an appetizer of raw tuna that has been molded into three intricate sculptures. I extend the tray to O’Neal, who’s been picking at a dinner roll and nursing another Diet Coke. But he declines. “That’s rich people food. I ain’t rich,” says the man whose net worth was estimated at more than $250m by Forbes magazine. [Shaq’s uncle and personal assistant, ] Mike, on the other hand, who has been sipping $45-a-glass dessert wine, leans in for a taste.

He may not have diversified his pallet, but is there nothing Shaquille O’Neal isn’t involved in these days!

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