Leggings vs. Pants

Pants. Obvi.

In a clever-yet-practical piece on “A Modern Lady’s New Year’s Resolutions”, Carrie Battan portrays the struggle that is today’s confusion between leggings and pants:

In 2011, I resolve to learn the difference between leggings and pants, because sometimes when I’m in a store and I hold up an article of clothing that’s designed to cover my legs and costs between 30 and 70 dollars, I stand there for so long just thinking, “These are either REALLY REALLY cheap pants or sort-of-expensive leggings. Leggings. PAAANTS. Definitely pants. No, leggings. Oh fuck it, I’ll just buy them and figure it out later!” Talk about a time suck.

Carrie might not be sure, but over 400,000 people are very adamant that leggings are not pants. And, we found ErinTheInsomiac on Youtube, who has some pretty fervent-yet-unspecific feedback for girls who wear leggings as pants:

  • “Whoever said that these were pants in the first place… like, who in the heck said that?”
  • “You don’t look at [girls who wear leggings as pants] and go ‘oh my gosh, I want to go to the store and buy some of those and look like that.'”

“Leggings do not equal pants. And Uggs do not equal summer shoes.” Boom.

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