Iceland = haunting melodic music

We looove a good cathartic mini-symphony, a la Texas music group Explosions in the Sky. It turns out that a consistent source of eerie instrumental music is Iceland, which obviously has something to do with the disquieting light patterns:

Iceland’s weather has a seasonal change in the length of day and night, creating unique weather phenomena. In midwinter, there is a period of no sunlight, and darkness prevails. Those dark days and nights are a Scandinavian phenomenon called The Polar Nights. In midsummer, daylight takes over and there is no night darkness during June and July. The name for this is the Midnight Sun.

The Northern Lights would inspire anyone to write haunting melodies.

Whatever the reason, here’s an introduction to some big players in the Icelandic music scene that aren’t Björk and how we first discovered them how we wish we discovered them…

The Battle: Los Angeles movie trailer introduced us to Yeah, a friend was toootally touring in Iceland (nbd) and, like, opened for them:

We first heard this group in Starbucks. Someone on thedailyblerg’s staff has a, um, relative in the group… they are the, um, the… one of the pianists… yeah.

If you ratchet down from the Nordic to the Scandinavian (Norway, specifically) there is a little more lifeblood moving though the collective music veigns: “Oh My God” by Ida Maria.

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