Obviously: Newport Beach mom boozed her kids’ chocolate milk for herself. Now selling it.

It's not acloholism if it's a kids drink.After adding “a little vodka” a few hotel-mini-bar bottles worth of vodka to chocolate milk after putting her little ones to bed, classic Mom Tracy Reinhardt then facebooked about it. Duh.

“Tracy is enjoying some adult chocolate milk.”

Awww. It turns out, liquid lunching isn’t enough for today’s just-well-off-enough to stay-at-home mom. Now, Reinhardt has partnered up and started her own company, Adult Beverage Co., makers of 40-proof vodka-based Adult Chocolate Milk and soon-to-be-bottlers of Adult Orange Cream, Adult Fruit Punch and Adult Limeade, scheduled to launch May 1. What’s the logo of this mommy revolution?

Re-taste your youth. At 40 proof.

Reinhardt’s business partner works the ‘tough economy’ angle: “These days, especially with the state of the economy, people want to go back to a time when they felt good and comforted, which, for many, is their childhood.”

It takes talent to spin classic stay-at-home-mommy-alcoholism as tough-economy-nostalgia. Bra. Vo.

[USA Today]

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