In miniature things news: adult dollhouses.

It's like Farmville, but waaay more effort.

We stumbled across a (glorious) slideshow of coverage from 2010’s Kensignton Dollhouse Festival, and it is crazy awesome. And like, a little bit terrifying because some people are pretty obsessed with miniature things.

Paul & Janet Brownhill of Country Treasures create rustic kitchenware, including copperware pans and dishes, and handpainted traditional enamelware. They also produce jars filled with jams and preserves.

What-the-what, you might be thinking. Tell me more!

Established in 1985 by Caroline Hamilton & Sue Atkinson, The Kensington Dollshouse Festival (formerly the London Dollshouse Festival), has become the top international show for quality dolls’ houses, miniatures & models.

Faithful customers travel to London from Japan, USA and Europe just to visit the Festival every year, there are 175+ craftsmen exhibiting, many of which also come from abroad and all of who make the items they sell themselves. In fact 95% of all the items for sale are hand made.

You will find everything you need for your dolls’ house or model at the Festival, from a gilt console table to a humble clothes peg, you can buy kits to assemble & decorate yourself with the wide range of DIY components available, or a completed mansion with lights and furniture already installed.

We’re overwhelmed with this whole new world!

Tiny jar of marmite. Just what my dollhouse (LIFE!) needs to be complete!


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