Amy Poehler and her parents would make for a BRILLIANT reality television show.

WSJ Magazine recently interviewed Bill and Eileen Poehler, former teachers and parents to actress Amy Poehler….

Amy (far right) as one-legged skank and reality-show contestant Amber during SNL years. What's NOT to be proud of?

BILL: Amy is more nervous about this interview than she is getting up in front of millions of people. She called me and gave me a couple of test questions and I failed them all. So she said, “Dad, please just be boring.”

Does she still make you laugh?

EILEEN: All the time.

BILL: Will [Arnett, Amy’s husband] and Amy like to pretend they’re us. We don’t think it’s very funny, but they think it’s hilarious.

What was your favorite sketch of hers on “SNL”?

EILEEN: I was thrilled with her Hillary Clinton. I mean, Hillary Clinton!

What about least favorite?

BILL: I guess the one-legged hyperactive farting girl.

[WSJ Magazine]

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