Boob news!

lactating mother or sexy lady? either way, sooo incompetent!

Are you a lactating lady? Don’t tell anyone because people will assume you are incompetent!

Think you can pretend you aren’t lactating by sexualizing your breast? Silly lady. You still seem incompetent!

Iris Young, Ph.D. explained the problem in her 2005 book “On female body experience: Throwing like a Girl”:

“Breasts are a scandal for patriarchy because they disrupt the border between motherhood and sexuality.”

Hmmmmmmkay. But like, what does breastmilk ice cream say about society’s stance on boobs?

[Society for Personality and Social Psychology]

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2 Responses to Boob news!

  1. Jordan says:

    The human body isn’t very good at digesting most dairy products(hence the drink a gallon of milk challenge). Our bodies are much better at digesting our own dairy and as weird as it may sound, it’s actually healthier for us.

  2. suhair says:

    omg. what an insane story. and comment above. all too much.

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