Um yeah. This is definitely wrong.

We get it. You want to go on a date. But, like, with someone attractive. You have ‘high standards.’ And you know, you are willing to pay them to go on a date on account of how ‘generous’ you are. New website is just your staaandard I-will-pay-an-attractive-woman-to-meet-up-with-me-in-person brothel website dating website. What’s the problem!?

And who, pray tell, started such a claaassy operation? Well, Brandon Wade is an International Man of Mystery if we’ve ever seen one. He explains the website to potential ‘generous’ men with a certain je ne sais quoi…

“Once you’re on a first date, it is up to you to charm her, to seduce her and then turn her around and give her a second date.”

It definitely sounds like ruffies are involved. Seller beware.


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