Gone fishing.

We’ve been gone for awhile, working on other projects. We’re hoping to find our way back to TDB – until then, we’re keeping the site live for you to peruse past posts. Thank you for your support! Also, while you wait, some lovely hold music:

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Good luck with this Hugo Chávez.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, who also uses his public platform to address critical breast plant issues, pushed this week for the creation of a new regional bloc of all North and South American countries… except the U.S. and Canada.

The new group, to be established later this year, is intended as an alternative to the currently established Organization of American States, which Chávez complains is dominated by the U.S.

Poor Canada, always shouldering gratuitous blame.

[Inter-American Dialogue]

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God’s Gift is playing basketball for St. John’s. LITERALLY.

Move over Gwyneth. You have been outdone by the Achiuwa family’s preeetty aggressive stance in the baby naming department: their son, talented 6-foot-9 power forward God’s Gift Achiuwa, is quickly being nicknamed “Gift” by St. John’s coach Steve Lavin who will coach him next season.

The third of six children born in Nigeria, Gift also has a brother named God’s Will. …You get the sense that soooomeoooooneee took their “what would Oprah do” bracelet a taaad too literally.


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Free Yale education: thank you Internet!

Yale offers (since 2008 – whoops) video of many of their core course lectures for free online at YouTube! Not only that, but complementary syllabi, transcripts, and other resources are available as well through their “Open Yale Courses” program website. Though, we do kiiind of feel like the universe is calling our bluff on the whole “I would toootally get college book learning at fancy plant school if it weren’t sooo many green rectangles” defense.

Oh Mighty Internet, you have a liiittle bit made up for the horrifying phenomenon of for-profit ‘distance’ schools that you helped to created.

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Sometimes, predictable movies have unpredictably good music.

Case-in-point: Matthew McConaughey lawyer movie A Time To Kill Lincoln Lawyer has 107 Degrees by Citizen Cope on its soundtrack.

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Uuuugh: when your fancy car breaks down, you have to accept a ride from that paparazzo you hate.

because you're so fancy, this is even more embarrassing!

If you are Hugh Grant.

When I broke down in my midlife crisis car in remotest Kent just before Christmas, a battered white van pulled up on the far carriageway. To help, I thought. But when the driver got out he started taking pictures with a long-lens camera. He came closer to get better shots and I swore at him. Then he offered me a lift the last few miles to my destination. I suspected his motives and swore at him some more. (I’m not entirely sympathetic towards paparazzi.) Then I realised I couldn’t get a taxi and was late. So I had to accept the lift.

So humbling when that happens.


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Um yeah. This is definitely wrong.

We get it. You want to go on a date. But, like, with someone attractive. You have ‘high standards.’ And you know, you are willing to pay them to go on a date on account of how ‘generous’ you are. New website WhatsYourPrice.com is just your staaandard I-will-pay-an-attractive-woman-to-meet-up-with-me-in-person brothel website dating website. What’s the problem!?

And who, pray tell, started such a claaassy operation? Well, Brandon Wade is an International Man of Mystery if we’ve ever seen one. He explains the website to potential ‘generous’ men with a certain je ne sais quoi…

“Once you’re on a first date, it is up to you to charm her, to seduce her and then turn her around and give her a second date.”

It definitely sounds like ruffies are involved. Seller beware.


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